Is your current design ready for:
  • Future requirements?
  • A clear migration plan as loads change?
  • High density loading?
  • Virtualization?
Our white space layout & configuration designs can position you for the future today.
Does your data center have:
  • Hot spots?
  • Virtualization implemented?
  • Adequate Redundancy?
  • A strategic plan?
  • Air flow optimization?
Our full assessment & planning services cover all areas of critical data infrastructure.

Our team at Vision Data Spaces are experts in planning and designing comprehensive  solutions for your critical data space environments. 

Do you know the weak links in your data center:
  • A single point of failure?
  • How do I get more redundancy?
  • Do I have N+1 or 2N?
  • What if solutions?
Our professional engineers can survey your data space and supply you a written assessment.
*click on the picture to the left for sample report*